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Arab Tools Encoder

Arab Tools Encoder The #1 Solution of bypassing the rejection of high-risk keywords in marketing, advertising and other platforms. 

Arab Tools Encoder
Arab Tools Encoder

Arab Tools Encoder

A Windows software that helps you bypass some platforms' rejection of some keywords, by encrypting them and making them incomprehensible to these systems like Ebay, Facebook, Amazon, Etsy... etc

Amazing Features

Very simple, easy to use and clean interface, everyone can use it easily

Very Small Size

It can be used on all Windows computers, both strong and weak devices, and it does not require a large space.

No Internet Needed

After activation, you will no longer need the Internet to use the software

Bulk Encryption

Get your work done quickly by encrypting all your keywords with one click

How It Work?


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Arab Tools Encoder

Choose Keywords

Get All the keywords you want to encrypt

Add Keywords

Open the Encoder and add Your Keywords to the list

Hakuna Matata!

You can now replace all your original keywords with encrypted keywords

Our Special Features

Discover a lot of great features that will remove many obstacles in front of you

Encoding Options

Try many great encoding options, and easily bypass system detection for your keywords

Super Performence

Get faster at getting your tasks done

Cache Your Data

Let the software store your encrypted keywords without any fear of losing them

No Weird Keywords

You will get exact keywords of the original keywords, but the most systems will not be able to recognize them

No Need For Internet

After activation, you will no longer need the Internet to use the software

Customer Support

Technical support 24/24h to solve all the problems you may face

Software Demo

Watch the video to learn more about the software

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Happy Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Send us your questions via: [email protected]
We will be very happy to answer it

For you as a human, the encrypted keywords are an exact copy of the original keywords, but, for electronic platforms and systems(eBay, Facebook, Amazon...etc), the encrypted keywords are completely different and incomprehensible to it, unlike the original keywords

Shopping platforms such as eBay and Amazon may delete your product just because there is a copyright's word in the title of your product, what we provide is the encryption of this word
This is just an example. You can face the same problem with Google, Facebook ads and many other platforms

We accept PayPal payments. 

You can use your credit card on paypal too without creating an account

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